Why Partner With Envision Bay Consulting?

Based in San Francisco, CA, Envision Bay Consulting is a dynamic organization focused on customer acquisition and satisfaction. Billion-dollar clients outsource their sales to our firm for several reasons, but above all, because we get results. Our team works with integrity, an expectation of excellence, and the utmost professionalism. Our marketing and sales consultations are always delivered in person to guarantee a personalized buying experience!


We are in the people-first business; maintaining a focus on creating human connections will always be our competitive advantage. We embrace technology but still utilize the most effective form of communication there is – interpersonal.


As Envision Bay Consulting continues to leave its mark in San Francisco, our vision is laser-focused: deliver the results that our clients have come to expect and their customers deserve. The name of the game is always growth for us. 


Our strength lies in our team and our training. The sales training and empowerment we provide to each team member are unparalleled, allowing us to help our clients expand their reach beyond the Bay Area and California!

About Envision Bay Consulting


We represent our clients’ brands with integrity and ethical business practices.

~ Ernesto Barcenas

Build From Within

The atmosphere of our company is centered around our belief in the professional development of our people and our competitive drive. We aim to provide our team members the possibility to not only exceed within their respective fields but also promote internally within our organization by challenging both the individual and the group. With extensive plans set in place by our client, Envision Bay Consulting plans to be the largest consulting firm specializing in customer acquisitions in San Francisco.

Our mission is to make a positive impact for the clients we represent by providing marketing/sales solutions they are proud to associate their brand with. By supplying their customers with a unique buying experience and purchasing power within a face-to-face environment, we attract, acquire and attain longer-lasting relationships. Through a positive culture and thorough, year-round training, Envision Bay Consulting team members know that growth is at the forefront of both our clients and our minds.

Envision Bay Consulting’s why is to create an inspiring and competitive environment for our ambitious team so that everyone we come in contact with is impacted positively. We believe when people are making a positive impact it allows them to live for more than their days off

Our core values here at Envision Bay Consulting are character, commitment, and gratitude. We take pride in having integrity, being positive and treating people with respect. We believe in business that you have your word and your reputation, and those make people want to do business with you or not. We know that by hiring personalities that are compliments to our company’s culture and placing our values at the start of everything we do, we’ll be celebrating a decade in business in no time.

The client we have the pleasure of doing marketing & sales for is one of the largest household names and a GIANT in tech industry. They’re looking to extend their market share throughout San Francisco, and we’re thrilled to be spearheading the expansion!

Courteous representation &
professionalism above all

As one of the fastest-growing outsourced sales and consulting firms on the West Coast, we are committed to delivering results with integrity for our industry-leading clients.

our services


Customer Acquisition

Instead of conducting business over the phone or through email, we market/sell our client’s products and services where our customers feel most comfortable. This marketing strategy creates long-lasting, profitable client-consumer relationships!


Sales Consulting

Our sales consulting services help businesses expand their market share via professional, one-on-one representation. Our team educates small to medium-sized business owners on the benefits of our client’s products and services.


Account Acquisition

Leading companies at the top of their respective industries task us to acquire and retain thousands of new accounts each year. We deliver more customers and directly influence overall growth and expansion.


National Expansion

Equipped with superior product knowledge, state-of-the-art technology, industry leading strategies and a professional, fun team, we are ready and willing to reach new customers nationwide, for our clients, one handshake at a time.


Ernesto Barcenas


Shawn Yang

Executive Trainer

Irini Antoniades

HR Manager 

Moriah Simonds

Executive Trainer

Sonia Hoey

Executive Trainer


Sales Representative

Learn to manage both client and customer relationships in a team environment.

Client Relationship Manager

Learn to manage client relationships and run day to day operations.

HR & Recruiting

Learn to scout the right talent for the right position in our company.

Our Culture

The culture at Envision Bay Consulting can be described as upbeat, positive, and ambitious. We have found the optimum way to achieve a goal is by creating a strong team environment. With past scholars and athletes, our team is energetic and competitive. We strive to do our absolute best every day and apply values of integrity and honesty in and out of the office. Once a week, our team gets together outside of the office for a fun activity such as laser tag, trying new restaurants in San Francisco, or bowling–friends and family are always welcome! We believe that you should like being around the people you work with; it makes work so much more enjoyable.



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